URI Declaration for the Moon

Author: David Booth david@dbooth.org

Editorial note: This is a URI declaration page.  It provides a declaration for the URI  "http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/", which becomes a name for the moon.  Because the moon is not an information resource, an attempt to dereference that URI will result in a 303 redirect to this page.

The purpose of this page is to illustrate the difference between a URI declaration, and regular assertions about a resource -- in this case the moon

For more explanation, see URI Declaration Versus Use.

Statement M1: The URI "http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/" hereby names a particular resource, such that:
    a: http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/ is a moon.
    b: http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/ orbits the Earth.
    c: http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/ may have ancillary assertions at http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/about.html .

Editorial note: Statement M1 above is a URI declaration for "http://dbooth.org/2007/moon/".

Change log
19-May-2009: Updated my email address.
25-Feb-2008: Deleted M2, as it was causing confuson, and renamed M3 to become M1.c.
28-Aug-2007: Added quotes around the URI in the editorial notes.
31-Jul-2007: Added quotes around the URI in its declaration.
19-July-2007: Initial version.