Password Hint

The user name and password are based on the names of the five Pitkin brothers and their wives -- probably your grandparents or great-grandparents, if you are a Pitkin relative -- plus a secret random part.

For the user name, use the lower case first name of one of the five Pitkin brothers. It doesn't matter which one you choose.

For the password, use the lower case first name of the wife of the Pitkin brother that you chose, followed by the secret random part.

FICTIONAL EXAMPLE: If John were one of the five Pitkin brothers, and Mary was his wife, and the secret random part were "HsaJUyxnLAjC0ht6" then the user name would be "john" and the password "maryHsaJUyxnLAjC0ht6" (without the quotes). Note that the secret random part may be a mixture of upper and lower case.

Contact David Booth if you have trouble.