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A photo journal by David Booth

Day 3 Part 2 - Cemetery and wealthy section of Guatemala City

After our dump visit, we took a "contrast tour" through the city, viewing the cemetery and the rich section, which is a gated-community with guards at the entrances.

Cemetery (1106.14 Kb) Cemetery in Guatemala City.  The monument in the center is that of a very rich family.  The burial wall on the right contains the remains of middle class families, stacked on top of each other, row after row.

Burial wall (361.06 Kb) Detail of the burial wall.  Most middle class families cannot afford to own an entire cemetery plot of their own, so they rent these tiny squares, stacked on top of each other to form a wall.  If they run out of money to pay the rental, their spot is emptied out and rented to someone else.

Saudi Arabian embassy (330.05 Kb) A home in the rich section of Guatemala City, looking much like an upper-middle class home in Los Angeles.   This one happens to be the Saudi Arabian embassy. Most of homes in this area have security walls around them, making them more difficult to see than this one, which is why I photographed this one.

Major street (789.36 Kb) One of the major streets in Guatemala City, as we return from our "contrast tour".  The Pacaya volcano is visible in the background.

Riding in our hired van (948.07 Kb) Sightseeing along the way in our hired van.

Traffic (1253.24 Kb) Traffic in Guatemala City.

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