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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 8 Part 1 - Attending church, watching a women's committee meeting, village scenes

Sunday, March 5, 2000

Our last morning in Nuevo Mexico.   It was Sunday, so some of us decided to attend their church service. Afterward, we watched a meeting of their local Madre Tierra (women's committee).

Family sitting outside their house (1514.22 Kb) Outside our host family’s house on our last morning in Nuevo Mexico.   Left to right: Olga Kelly, Blanca, Vincenta, my dad, Anaberta, Vidalia with her baby, and WFP team leader Jesse.

Boy riding bicycle (1578.86 Kb) Edwin wanted his picture taken riding his bicycle.

Concrete block church (1192.83 Kb) The church at Nuevo Mexico, with the volcano in the background. The volcano was active while we were there, and each day left a thin layer of ash over everything. My dad picked up a small sample in a film container, as a souvenir. I was afraid the customs officials might think it was some kind of drugs.

Church service, with dog lying on floor (1167.23 Kb) Sunday church service.

Men holding guitars (1248.05 Kb) The church musicians.

Girl smiling (1112.77 Kb) A girl stands in the church doorway, wearing her Sunday best.

Large group under tree (1592.68 Kb) Meeting of the Madre Tierra (women's committee) at Nuevo Mexico.   It usually takes place on Sundays after mass, under the tree next to the church.

Women under tree, holding children (1396.99 Kb) Meeting of the Madre Tierra.

Woman holding baby (1278.77 Kb) Mother and child at the meeting, dressed in their Sunday best.

Two boys (1264.41 Kb) Two village boys.

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