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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 8 Part 3 - Saying goodbye to Nuevo Mexico, driving back to Guatemala City, passing sweatshops

Finally, we said our goodbyes to the people of Nuevo Mexico and drove back to Guatemala City, passing a few maquilas ("sweat shops") on the outskirts of the city.

Delegates together for a photo (1186.93 Kb) WFP delegates and team leaders pose for a group photo in Nuevo Mexico, along with a few village children.

Delegates talking to villagers (1397.87 Kb) Saying our goodbyes to our host families.

Jess, Catherine and Julia standing with refugee Don Nicolas (1264.78 Kb) WFP team leaders Jess, Catherine and Julia pose with Don Nicolas, father of our host family.

Refugee Don Nicolas with delegate Don Booth (1400.06 Kb) The two "Don"s pose for a picture: Don Nicolas (left), the father of our host family, and my dad (right).

Host family standing in front of house (1458.13 Kb) Out host family poses for a farewell picture in front of their house.  With her children washed and neatened, Vincenta (the mother) put on her traditional dress for this picture.   Left to right: Anaberta (6), Vincenta (36), Otto (4), Eluvia (8) with Vidalia’s baby, Blanca (12) and Olga Kelly (11).   Other family members not present in this photo: Don Nicolas (the father, 50), Vidalia (18), Jorge (Vidalia’s husband, 20) and Edwin (7).

Shacks (1330.04 Kb) Shanty town outside Guatemala City on the way back.

A maquila (sweat shop) (1606.05 Kb)
One of the maquilas ("sweat shops") outside Guatemala City.

Another maquila (1606.05 Kb)
Another maquila outside Guatemala City.

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