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A photo journal by David Booth

Day 4 Part 2 - Guatemala City scenes and buses

Returning from our meeting with Hector Castaņeda, we viewed a few more city sights.

Major street (260.53 Kb) A major street on the way back from our meeting with pastor Castaņeda.

Another street (260.53 Kb) Another typical street in Guatemala City. The Pacaya volcano is again visible in the background.

Buses (282.08 Kb) More buses.

Decorated bus (282.08 Kb) Many of the buses in Guatemala are independently owned and operated, and often they are very colorfully painted and decorated according to the whims of the owner.   Known as "chicken buses", most of them are decommissioned American school and city buses.  Some of them still have the familiar yellow school bus paint and the name of the school district where they were originally used.

Pickup truck jammed with people (282.08 Kb) This red pickup truck demonstrates another form of shared transportation in Guatemala.  The driver has picked up several passengers who have each paid him a small fare to ride in the back.

Armed people in truck (255.76 Kb) I don't know if these are private guards or military personnel, but they are another illustration of the many guns that are visible in Guatemala City -- a constant reminder of the history of violence.

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