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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 7 Part 2 - Villagers' coffee growing, host family scenes

Later in the morning we took a tour of the villagers' coffee growing efforts -- their sole source of cash revenue.   Then we returned to our host families for lunch.

Group walking on dirt road (1506.65 Kb) Walking to see the coffee crops.

Boys sifting soil (1373.96 Kb) Sifting the soil in preparation for planting coffee.

Villager pointing to coffee plants (1449.92 Kb) A villager describes the process and economics of growing coffee. Growing coffee is the only way they can earn money to pay for their land.

Family in house (1613.05 Kb) Back with our host family for lunch, Vincenta (the mother) returns with firewood for cooking, while her daughter Vidalia (center) and son-in-law Jorge sit with their baby.

Jorge and Vidalia with baby (1198.02 Kb) Jorge, 20, and Vidalia, 18, sit with their 10-month-old baby, who is eating beans.  The chickens will clean up any scraps of food that fall.

Boy holding chicken and baby. (1274.59 Kb) Otto, 4, poses with Vidalia's baby and a chicken, still wearing a few of the beans they were eating.

Girls eating (1304.63 Kb) Blanca and another sister, Olga Kelly, 11, eat lunch.

Don sleeping (1302.65 Kb) My dad takes a quick siesta before the afternoon’s activities.

David sitting under tree (1653.06 Kb) I relax in the shade, while children look on.

Eluvia with Catherine (1243.05 Kb) Eluvia (left) with WFP team leader Catherine.

Eluvia (1174.81 Kb) Eluvia again.

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