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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 1 Part 1 - Guatemala City - Orientation

Sunday, February 27, 2000

We began the trip in Guatemala City, where we were greeted and joined by our three WFP team leaders, Catherine, Jesse and Julia.   (See Map of Guatemala on Lonely Planet web site.) They had all spent significant time living in Guatemala, and handled all of the local arrangements for the delegation.

The first day was orientation.   We got acquainted with the other members of the delegation, reviewed the social and political history of Guatemala, and talked about what to expect during this visit.

Catherine, Jess and Julia (1186.93 Kb) WFP team leaders Catherine, Jesse and Julia share a laugh during a break.

Orientation (1605.06 Kb) Orientation upstairs at our hostel in Guatemala City.

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All text and photos by David Booth unless otherwise indicated.
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