Girl smiling   Witness for Peace
Delegation to Guatemala
February 27 - March 6, 2000

A Photo Journal by David Booth
Translations by Roberta Borgonovo
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In early 2000, Witness for Peace (WFP), New England chapter, sponsored a nine-day "peace delegation" to Guatemala, a country facing a myriad of social challenges following the devastating long-term effects of their 30-year civil war. The trip included discussions with representatives from Guatemalan social, labor and political organizations, and meetings with international aid organizations.   It also included a visit to a community of dump dwellers, and a stay in a village of returned refugees.

The delegation consisted of thirteen members, including myself and my father, Don Booth. Delegates came from various parts of the USA, and ranged in age from 21 to 83. Three WFP team leaders also accompanied us throughout the trip, handling local arrangements and translating for the group.  This photo journal chronicles our nine-day experience.  

Group of delegates (37 Kb) Our complete delegation, including three WFP team leaders, plus four local boys who wanted to be in the picture.

David and Don Booth (35 Kb) And that’s me with my dad, the oldest member of this delegation. [Photo by Joanne Ranney]

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