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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 7 Part 5 - Visiting with villagers, dinner with our host family

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with the villagers, and then returned to our host families for dinner.  After dinner, two children of our host family put on a small show for us: a dance and a song.

Children standing (1519.51 Kb) Village children pose for a picture.

Boys holding gardening tools (1448.34 Kb) Boys pose with their gardening tools.

Boy leaning on machete (1131.39 Kb) Another boy leans on his machete. (His other leg is behind him, obscured by the shadows.)   The sight of a child playing unsupervised with a machete would have caused panic to many US parents, but did not seem to raise any eyebrows here.

Catherine (1021.69 Kb) Catherine enjoys the afternoon sun.

Eating dinner (3396.08 Kb) Back for dinner at our host family.

Mother nursing baby (1174.02 Kb) Vidalia nurses her baby.

Boy with stone figures (1148.70 Kb) After dinner the family brought out some stone religious figures, and Edwin (7), performed a dance with them.   Blanca (12, on the right holding the dog) also sang a song that she wrote.

Boy with father (1148.70 Kb) Edwin poses for a picture, with his father's help.

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All text and photos by David Booth unless otherwise indicated.
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