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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 7 Part 3 - Village activities, washing in the river

In the afternoon we watched some of the village activities and went to the river to swim, bathe and wash clothes.

Group sitting under the tree (1496.65 Kb) Assembling under the tree, before heading down to the river.

Bus with people and goods on top (1282.42 Kb) The daily bus arrives, with people and goods returning from town.

Girl carrying a crate on her head (1305.02 Kb) Children help to unload goods from the bus, and carry them to the store.

Group walking on dirt road (1331.08 Kb) Heading to the river.

Chldren swimming in river (1462.01 Kb) Swimming and bathing at the river.

Jesse with children (1267.93 Kb) Jesse plays with the kids.

Julia carrying Eluvia  (1259.58 Kb) Julia gives Eluvia a ride . . .

Julia and Eluvia splashing (1294.88 Kb) . . . and falls in, accidentally on purpose, much to the delight of all.

Boy standing on rock (1209.17 Kb) Otto poses for a picture.

Girls washing clothes (1415.90 Kb) Girls wash clothes for their families.

Girl washing clothes (1415.90 Kb) Blanca (center) looks up while washing clothes.

Group walking on dirt road (1323.98 Kb) We return from the river, clean and refreshed.

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