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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 6 Part 4 - Nuevo Mexico village and host family scenes

We spent the rest of the day getting more acquainted with the village and our host families, and in the evening had dinner in their homes.

Wooden shack (1538.26 Kb) The home of Meghan and Roberta’s host family.

Julia with Eluvia (299.90 Kb) Team leader Julia plays with Eluvia.

Meghan with boy (1190.84 Kb) Meghan (left) converses with her host family’s son.

Girl weaving (887.36 Kb) A village girl weaves. [Photo by Joanne.]

Don talking to Jesse with family watching (981.42 Kb) Back with our host family, Jesse translates for my dad as Vincenta cooks dinner and another daughter, Blanca, 8, looks on.

Jesse with children, writing (916.65 Kb) Jesse helps the children with their homework, which is done to the light of a single oil lamp.

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