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A photo journal by David Booth

Day 5 Part 2 - Aņo Santo church, villagers, and Mayan weavers

Our next stop was at the Aņo Santo church, one of the oldest churches in the region, which was located near the base of an active volcano.  Previously located farther up the mountainside, the church was moved to its current location to reduce the danger of being destroyed during an eruption.  We also stopped at a couple of other towns and villages before arriving in Antigua.

Children playing basketball (1428.58 Kb) Children and adults play in the schoolyard across from the Aņo Santo church.   

Children posing (1232.31 Kb) Children outside the Aņo Santo church.

Small town (321.07 Kb) Another town along the way to Antigua.

Mayan weavers (1296.90 Kb) We stopped to see some traditional Mayan weavers and bought some souvenirs.

Mayan weaver (1296.95 Kb) Mayan weaver. A harness is looped around the weaver's back, so by leaning back she can apply the correct tension to the warp of her weaving.

Mayan weaver (1066.37 Kb) Mayan weaver.

Detail of weaving (259.65 Kb) Detail of her hand work. The patterns are done entirely by memory, passed from one generation to the next. Each village or region has its own distinctive style, which the local people can instantly recognize.

Boys playing basketball (1127.23 Kb) Boys playing basketball during a school lunch break.

Girls playing basketball (1514.54 Kb) Girls playing basketball, wearing a mixture of traditional and modern clothing.

Children sitting (1189.63 Kb) Children having a snack while watching the schoolyard activities. Anti-littering awareness does not seem to have come very far in Guatemala.

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