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Guatemala 2000
A photo journal by David Booth

Day 5 Part 3 - Antigua scenes

We spent the afternoon in Antigua.   Antigua is a smaller and much prettier city than Guatemala City, with beautiful architectural details.   In contrast with Guatemala City, many tourists are visible here.

Antigua (993.87 Kb) Antigua.

A girl selling miniature dolls (840.49 Kb) A girl selling miniature dolls in Antigua. The volcano is visible in the distance.

Closeup of girl (251.79 Kb) I bought a few of these miniature doll refrigerator magnets from this girl, and then asked her to pose for this picture.

Scalloped window (792.33 Kb) One of many nice architectural details in Antigua.

An armed guard at a soft drink delivery truck (357.55 Kb) An armed guard protects a soft drink delivery truck in Antigua.  Even in Antigua, which has a lower crime rate than Guatemala City, the guns were ubiquitous. 

Security guard walking (724.51 Kb) Another security guard returning to work.  These pump-action, sawed-off shotguns seemed to be the main weapons of choice for security guards.  They can be maneuvered quickly in confined spaces and their shots cover a wide area.

Girls selling traditional wares (809.24 Kb) Girls selling traditional wares and hand made souvenirs in Antigua.

Marinetta negotiating for souvenirs (1042.60 Kb) Marinetta (right) negotiates for souvenirs in Antigua.

Vansurrounded by street vendors (271.73 Kb) One last chance to buy souvenirs in Antigua as we board our van for the trip back to Guatemala City.

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